U.S. Team selection criteria for the 2018 IAU 50 km World Championship

The United States 50 Kilometer National Team will compete at the 2018 International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) 50 Kilometer World Championship under the patronage of the IAAF. At the writing of the standards, neither a date, nor venue has been confirmed for the 2018 IAU World 50km Championships and no bids are on the table for review. With this said, there is hope from USATF that a host will emerge and therefore, we will go through the team selection process in case a venue and date are confirmed in the coming months so we can be prepared.

The United States will be represented by a team of up to six men and six women. The team will be selected by the USATF Mountain, Ultra and Trail (MUT) Running Executive Committee.

Qualifying performance window: March 15, 2017 to May 30, 2018
Team member notification and selection period: June 1, 2018 to June 14, 2018
Team announcement date: June 15, 2018

50 km team members will receive partial funding from USA Track & Field (exact amount TBA).

Team uniforms will be provided by USATF. (If an athlete qualifies for the team but can’t make the trip due to injury or any other circumstance, the uniform must be returned to USATF).

Team Selection Standards & Procedures for the U.S. 50 Kilometer National Team:

A Standard: Top male and female finisher at the 2017 IAU 50K Championships. No athletes selected due to the 2017 championship being cancelled.

B Standard: Automatic selection will be given to the first American male and female at the following selection races, provided they meet the minimum performance standards. If the first American finisher in one of the qualifying races declines a position, it will be offered to the next highest finishing American finisher (and so on until filled) provided minimum qualification standards are met.

C Standard: Additional selections will be made based on athlete running resumes prioritizing 50 km road, road marathon and 50 km trail performances.

Minimum qualifying performances for auto qualification and consideration *
Male: Sub 3 hour 50 km road/track or sub 2:22:00 road marathon. Female: Sub 3:33 50 km road/track or sub 2:48:00 road marathon. Athletes who have met this standard and would like to be considered for the team should send an email to Susan Dun (soozydun@gmail.com). Include athlete name, race name, race date, and URL for race if possible.

Athletes named to the team must be U.S. citizens, have a current USATF membership, sign the USATF Code of Conduct and meet eligibility requirements. **

* The following lists show the athletes who have met the Olympic marathon trials qualifying standards (Men 2:19 / Women 2:45). All athletes on the “Men’s Marathon Performances” and “Women’s Marathon Performances” lists are eligible for 50K team selection. http://www.usatf.org/Events—Calendar/2020/U-S–Olympic-Team-Trials—Marathon/QualifyingStandards/Eligible-List.aspx

** Any athlete selected to a USATF Mountain, Ultra, and Trail International Team who receives a uniform kit for participation in an event will return the uniform kit in its entirety upon failure to travel as a team member to said event. Failure to return the issued uniform in its entirety will render an athlete ineligible for future Mountain, Ultra, and Trail international Teams. Any athlete having been selected to a USATF Mountain, Ultra, and Trail International Team who fails to pay any and all fees or costs of accommodations, reservations, or any other expenses accrued but not cancelled by the specified cancellation deadlines will be rendered ineligible for future USATF Mountain, Ultra, and Trail Teams until such fees/costs are paid.

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