Team USA Announced for 2015 IAU Trail World Championships

IAU Trail World Championships to be held in Annecy, France on May 30th

Alex Nichols at 2013 World Mountain Running Championships (Richard Bolt Photo)

Men: Alex Varner, Alex Nichols, Yassine Diboun, David Laney, and Tim Tollefson

Women: Krissy Moehl, Amy Rusiecki, and Anita Ortiz

Some background from Team USA leader Richard Bolt:

“Background on the selection process and how we ended up with only three women. The maximum number of athletes we can send is five men and five women. Three athletes are needed to score. We offered spots to more than five women but only three accepted. The time period for athletes to submit resumes ended on February 1 so we were unable to solicit more women after it became clear that fewer than five eligible women would be accepting their spots. We intend to learn from this and do a better job next year of recruiting resume submissions prior to the deadline.”

“I’m very excited to lead this group of talented group of trail runners to the IAU Trail World Championships. Two team members have been on previous World Championship teams including Anita Ortiz, a team gold medalist from the World Mountain Running Championships. All of them had excellent races in 2014 at competitive events like The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Championships, Lake Sonoma 50 Mile, and Cayuga Trails 50 Mile. I’m confident these performances have made them well prepared for the World Championships this May in Annecy, France.”

Read Full Press Release at ATRA website

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