Team USA and the IAU 6 Hr Global Virtual Solidarity Run

Dear USA Runners,

I hope this finds you doing well and weathering the current pandemic to the best of your abilities staying safe and healthy. The 100K runners already know that your 2020 100K World Championship has been canceled and we will not know the fate of the 2020 50K World Championship until the end of July (or thereabouts).

Some of you may have heard about the IAU’s intentions to offer the IAU 6 Hour Global Virtual Solidarity Run (please see the attached document for details).

The USA can nominate up to nine men and nine women for Team USA to take part in a virtual 6 hour race to be run anytime on either August 29 or 30. You can run on any type of surface wherever you would like and would need to record your 6-hour performance on a reputable and trusted sports platform.

Obviously, there is a great deal of trust in this effort that competing athletes do their 6-hour run with high integrity and accountability.

In determining the first communication, we decided to honor those athletes who have already been named to the 2020 100K team and those athletes who auto qualified for the 2020 50K team. Of course, this in no way compares to actually traveling to a world championship, but given the current COVID situation, we do not know when/if we will be able to travel in 2020. We would also like to invite athletes to send in their running resumes for positons on the 6 Hr USA team.

There will be no team uniforms or any other type of compensation, although you would be running under the USA federation and would be representing the USA in the team 6-hour virtual event.

The final entry form is due July 31st, thus we would need to have our team together by that date. If you are interested being considered for this opportunity, please send me your running resumes as soon as you can, but no later than July 28th. Team USA will be announced on July 30th. This is a very narrow window, however there is no outlay of funds from you and everything would take place close to your home or anywhere you desire., lessening any need for extensive travel.

Thanks so much and please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from each of you.


Lin Gentling

2020 USA 100K Team Leader

2020 USA 50K Team Leader

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