100 km Team


The USATF 100 Km National Team will compete in the 2018 International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) 100 Km World Championship under the patronage of the IAAF on a date and at a location yet to be determined by the IAU. (Note that this event has moved to an “even year” occurrence).

The annual 100 Km World Championship race is the one international venue at which USA Track & Field (USATF) has fielded an ultra-distance team for over two decades.

The United States will be represented by the USATF 100 Km Team of up to six men and up to six women ultramarathon runners. The team and alternates will be selected by the  Executive Committee of the  USATF Mountain, Ultra, and Trail Running Council which was established in 1998 to help USATF administer ultra running in the United States.
It is our goal to give athletes the most definitive information we can so that they may not only know what is needed to qualify, but to know where they stand in relation to other qualifiers, and the time frame for qualifying for their planning purposes.  With that in mind, we have arbitrarily picked a date of October 15, 2018 as a “projected date” of the 2018 WC and will base the beginning of the qualifying windows off that date.  When an actual date of the 2018 WC is released, we will post it here and adjust the closing date of qualifying, Team selection, and Team notification on that date.  (Note: should the actual WC date be before 10/15/2018, we will open the window to a full 18 months.  Should the actual WC date be after 10/15/2018, the originally posted opening date of qualifying will remain)

Qualifying Window: 4/15/2017- to Sunday of weekend closest to 3 months prior to the event, **except performances under qualifying standards (see #4 below) from 2016 IAU World 100Km Championship (11/27/2016)** and 2017 Mad City 100K (April 8, 2017)**

Team Selected: (Monday-Tuesday, following the weekend three calendar months prior to the event).
Team and Alternates Announced: (Wednesday, following the weekend three calendar months prior to the event).

Standards for Consideration for 2018 U.S. National 100 Km Team

To be considered for the USA 100 Km National Team, American runners must be citizens of the United States of America, current USATF members and meet one of the following qualifying standards.

  1. American athletes who finish in the top -3 men or women at the 2016 IAU 100 Km World Championship will receive automatic team selection for 2018. (qualification valid for the next following World Championship only)
  2. Time performances of American athletes from the 2016 IAU 100Km World Championship having met time standards (See #4 below) will qualify for consideration for 2018.
  3. The winner of the 2018 USA 100 Km National Championship (if contested) will receive automatic team selection provided time standards (See #4 below) are met. (qualification valid for the next following World Championship only)
  4. Athletes who meet the following qualifying standards within the specified qualifying window (beginning November 26, 2016) will be selected into the pool: Road 100km: Sub 7:20:00 (Men) or Sub 8:40:00 (Women) Road 50 Mile: Sub 5:40:00 (Men) or Sub 6:40:00 (Women) or who meet the respective qualifying standards at any of the following three well established races also will be considered:

JFK 50 Mile (11/18/2017): Sub 6:00:00 (Men) or Sub 7:00:00 (Women)
Comrades Marathon (6/14/2017): Sub 6:25 (Men) or Sub 7:25 (Women)
Tussey Mountainback 50 miler (10/8/2017): Sub 5:50 (Men) or Sub 6:50 (Women)

NOTE TO Athletes and RD’s:

  1. Events suitable for qualifying must be USATF Certified for distance (or NGB)
  2. Events must be USATF Sanctioned (USATF Rules upheld)– not limited to, but including 144.3 (Assistance To Athletes) and 163.6 (a) Leaving the Track, Field, or Course)
  3. Qualifying Marks must take place in bona fide competitions (Refer to USATF Rule Book 262.3 (a) where “Qualifying” may interchange with “Record”)

See the Performance List for a list of athletes who have met at least one of the criteria above.
Team Selection Process

Athletes will be named to the team from the team selection pool using the following procedures:

  1. Athletes will be named to the team based on the order of the criteria above until all the team spots are filled. Priority will be assigned to 100 Km road performances, as that is the actual race distance, but 50 mile road,  and other designated race performances (see above), will be evaluated by Executive Committee of  Mountain, Ultra, and Trail Council of USATF and the performance deemed superior overall will have precedence. Athletes not automatically selected to the team through standards 1 and/or 3 above will be selected according to best performances within qualifying guidelines.
  2. If fewer than 6 athletes achieve the qualifying standards for consideration, no fewer than 4 athletes (three scoring and one additional) will be named based on performance.
  3. If more than 6 athletes achieve the qualifying standards for consideration, up to 3 alternates (i.e., 6 team members and 3 alternates) will be named sequentially based on performance.
  4. Alternates must meet the same standards for consideration based on performance.

Alternates are encouraged to prepare, as they may be named to compete at any time if one of the other team members is unable to compete.


Please check the link below for the most current info on the 100km Team Selection updates: